About Us

Practical Solar, Inc. is a Boston-based manufacturing company dedicated to introducing solar energy products that are truly practical. Most solar energy products reduce dependence on fossil fuels and help protect the environment. However, many have not enjoyed commercial success due to relatively low energy output and high installation cost. Others have failed for lack of reliability. Practical Solar products are designed to reliably meet the heating and cooling needs of commercial buildings, and yield a positive return on investment.

Practical Solar was founded by Bruce Rohr, CEO and President. Mr. Rohr has four decades of success in creating new technologies for the commercial marketplace. Cambridge Technology, Inc., founded by Mr. Rohr in 1980, introduced the world's most sensitive instrument for measuring contractile properties of tissues, a fluorometer with performance characteristics comparable to competitive offerings 5 times the cost, and a host of other cutting-edge medical research instruments. In 1988 Mr. Rohr developed and patented a capacitance position detector, improving the repeatability of closed loop optical scanners by 1-2 orders of magnitude. This spawned a series of new products and industries for moving laser applications.

David Howell, JD, MBA, the COO of Practical Solar, joined Cambridge Technology in 1994 as General Manager. Mr. Howell succeeded Mr. Rohr as President, and the company went on to become the world market leader in closed loop optical scanners. Previously Mr. Howell started up Phoenix West Corporation, which achieved profitability in one year. Mr. Howell has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing companies. In recent years Mr. Howell as Consultant has specialized in strategic planning, profitability enhancement, and general management.