An array of Practical Solar heliostats is used for concentrating solar power (CSP).

Practical Solar is dedicated to introducing solar energy products that are truly practical. We design and manufacture the most reliable, cost effective and highest performing concentrating solar power (CSP) systems in the world.

Practical Solar heliostats can supply all of the heating and cooling needs of commercial buildings, and are designed to pay for themselves in two to six years. A large reservoir of water brought to near boiling temperature can inexpensively store enough energy to supply all the HVAC requirements of a commercial flat-roofed building for weeks in New England in the dead of winter. Practical energy storage overcomes the primary complaint leveled against solar energy.

Practical Solar heliostat systems are also used for other applications, including tests for NASA's Solar Probe+ mission. Please read the technology page for more information and contact us to place an order or discuss IP licensing and project opportunities.